STOP works locally - on all sides of the trafficking chain - with an international network of Rescue Centers
and Support Centers.


They are located in areas where victims are brought to serve as sex slaves. They offer immediate support for victims upon rescue and coordinate services on behalf of victims with Support Centers in their home countries.


They are located in countries where victims are recruited or kidnapped. Their purpose is twofold: to provide victims with medical and psychological assistance, and to offer access to vocational and English language training.


They will be offered to answer questions about human trafficking and to help those who have doubts about the validity of a job offer abroad.

The New York City headquarter coordinates
all regional work.

STOP has future projects to set up Rescue centers and Rehabilitation centers both in countries where young victims are sold and forced to serve as sex slaves, and in their home countries, where traffickers are operating. This includes but is not limited to: West Africa, South-east Asia, Eastern Europe, Colombia and anywhere sexual slavery continues to cause casualties.
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Stop Trafficking Of People is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity incorporated under number F030730000436.