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  • How does STOP communicate with the victims and overcome the language barrier?
    STOP has interpreters available 24 hours a day. Our experts know the field and understand the experiences and plight of victims. This helps bridge barriers and build trust. The victims know we are there to help.
  • How does STOP measure its success?
    STOP feels that by breaking the cycle of re-victimization we are attaining our highest goal: helping the victim to reintegrate into society and have a chance at a “normal” life.
  • Does STOP work with national and/or local authorities?
    Collaborating with national and local entities is a top priority. STOP will open an office in a country only after a thorough evaluation of the trafficking situation. STOP will share its findings with the national Ministry of Interior, the police and the judicial authorities. STOP will also provide joint training to the local authorities when asked.


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