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STOP plans to open Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers in West Africa, South-East Asia, Eastern Europe, Colombia, and in all countries where sexual slavery causes casualties.

Assessing the situation and liaising with local authorities

  • STOP identifies locations and places where victims are forced into sex slavery.

  • STOP shares information with local authorities and encourages them to free the victims and arrest traffickers.


and protection

Once rescued, the victims will be taken to the Rescue Center where they will be protected. The Center will be designed to accommodate twenty-five to thirty victims at any one time. They will be permitted to stay as long as they need, before returning to their family.

Medical and psychological care

Medical and psychological staff will be available on call to bring necessary care to the victims. A psychologist will help them to get back to their childhood.

Vocational training

and reintegration

STOP will provide the emotional support and guidance that trafficked victims have been deprived of. Through contact with local organizations, they will resume their studies, if needed and will be offered a variety of appropriate activities. Victims will be reunited with their families. 

STOP will maintain links with the victims. It is important for the victims to know they can find an attentive ear at any time and that the doors will always be opened for them.



Our teams consist of experts, interpreters and local’s.

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