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STOP works to prevent trafficking
and to rescue victims.


We gather information on trafficking routes and locations and use it to encourage local and national authorities to intervene to rescue victims and detain traffickers. By having the traffickers arrested and jailed, we intend to disrupt trafficking networks and prevent new victims.


We assist the victims from the moment of their rescue by providing comprehensive psychological and social support services, and by helping them to reintegrate into society in their native countries. By providing medical care – the victims are often infected with HIV/AIDS – and psychological support, we want to lower the suicide risk and help them regain their shattered dignity. The rescue of victims is the first step of a long and difficult process of rehabilitation and reintegration into society, after the cycle of violence and terror that has been their daily life.


We help victims to obtain identification documents, navigate legal and bureaucratic obstacles in what is usually a foreign country to them and we help them repatriate to their homeland. By offering shelter and protection, we want to give victims the chance to recover from their traumas, but first and foremost, to regain confidence and respect for themselves. By offering legal support, we guarantee that victims receive effective help to exercise their rights.


Once they have returned home, we help them to go back to school or to acquire work skills that enable them to find a job. We promote education programs to raise awareness and work with high-risk groups in source nations, in order to teach them to avoid falling back into the clutches of traffickers in their countries of origin.

Proactively, STOP is an available resource for anyone with questions about sex trafficking, or anyone who has been offered a job abroad and is suspicious of its validity.

Through these actions, we intend to break

the vicious cycle of sex trafficking.

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