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URBAN20/20 celebrates the 20-year anniversary of artist Fabrice Spies with 20 art pieces to be auctioned, benefiting the non-profit -

Stop Trafficking Of People (S.T.O.P)


Public bidding is OPEN ONLINE NOW through December 13 at 9 pm (PST)

To browse and bid, text “urban2020” to 88793

Select paintings also on view at Atmosphere Mar Vista  throughout November


LOS ANGELES, November 6, 2018 — World-renowned, modern artist Fabrice Spies is revealing his masterpiece paintings for Urban 20/20, an exquisite, online silent auction which was launched November 1st and will conclude with a private event to mark the closing on December 13th at 9 pm.


Registration and bidding for the auction is available online after texting urban2020 to 88793. Selected paintings will be displayed at Atmosphere Mar Vista throughout the month of November.


Since his move from the South of France to the United States in 1998, Fabrice has spent the last 20 years creating and refining his technique to create his most phenomenal artistic works yet.


To commemorate the occasion a celebration will be held to auction 20 of his most prized paintings with five percent of all proceeds — plus the full amount of the “Viva Las Vegas” painting, which is valued at $10,500 — donated to the international humanitarian organization Stop Trafficking Of People (STOP), founded by Celhia de Lavarene.


Named for the 20 art pieces for sale and the 20-year anniversary of Fabrice’s debut in the United States, Urban 20/20 aims to raise funds for STOP in order to open a rescue center for victims who have been forced into human trafficking for sexual exploitation.


Auction closing date: December 13th, 2018 at 9 pm


About artist Fabrice Spies:

Born and raised in the South of France where he started painting at the age of 13, Fabrice Spies has found continuous inspiration from his surroundings. While his earliest work depicts the colors and movement of lavender fields and his Provençal setting, he began painting a series of historical landmarks and architectural landscapes following his move to the US in 1998. His current work reflects scenes from his environment, with notable references to the Southern California coast. Each original is signed bibi*, his nickname from childhood.

Fabrice’s work has been displayed at the Festival of Arts in Laguna Beach, Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens, American Institute of Architects, as well as Art Expo New York & Las Vegas. With enormous support from his friends, family, fellow artists, and collectors, his reputation continues to soar both stateside and abroad. Fabrice currently resides in San Clemente with his wife and twin boys.

About Celhia de Lavarene, founder of STOP:

Celhia de Lavarene is the founder of Stop Trafficking Of People (STOP), an international humanitarian organization created to help victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation by providing them with medical care, comprehensive psychological and social services, and by helping them to reintegrate into society.


For nearly two decades, Celhia has worked as a UN correspondent for Jeune Afrique for RFI (Radio France Internationale) and Mediapart. She has interspersed her journalism with service on seven UN missions in countries as diverse as Cambodia, South Africa, Eastern Slavonia, East Timor, Bosnia, and Herzegovina as well as Liberia. In 2001, Jacques Paul Klein — the head of the UN Peacekeeping Mission in Bosnia — hired Celhia to fight the sex slave trade, which was then, and still is now, rife in the Balkan region.


Celhia created the Special Trafficking Operations Program — also known as STOP — and built a unit of 250 local and international police officers, which she led for nearly two years until the UN mission ended. It was the first-ever such operation by the UN. During the operation, STOP identified more than 3000 victims, most of them from Eastern Europe, and was able to rescue about 300 of them. The program shut down hundreds of bars and clubs used in the illegal sex trade and provided victims with counseling.


Live Auction:

Art Gallery:

Instagram: @fabricespiesfineart


STOP Website:


Artist represented by SpLAshPR Agency

1450 2nd Street, Suite 185 | Santa Monica, CA 90401            

Office: (310) 526-0805

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