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They support STOP.

I am very proud to be supporting Stop Trafficking Of People, a humanitarian organization that is fighting for a cause that is very dear to my heart: the fight against sexual slavery. Trafficking in persons for sexual purposes is considered by many to be an unpleasant subject and is too often treated as a low priority. The number of victims is increasing every day. No country in the world escapes this scourge. Fighting it and helping to fight it is a huge task that should mobilize us all.



Nobel Peace Prize 2018

Honorary President of STOP

S.T.O.P. is a cause close to my heart.
It is shameful that so many women and children are still being enslaved in such a brutal manner and subjected to sexual servitude in this modern-day and age.


Soprano opera singer

Founding Member

It's a great honor for me to represent Stop Trafficking Of People, a humanitarian organization that helps victims of human trafficking for sexual purposes. No country is immune to this scourge. The fight against sexual slavery is a cause that should mobilize us all.

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Goodwill Ambassador

Board Members

John Blaney

Former US Ambassador
to Liberia (ret.)

Bernard Bajolet

Former Director General
of External Security

of France

Souren-Georges Seraydarian

UN Assistant
Secretary-General (ret.)

David Robinson


Jacques-Paul Klein

UN Under
Secretary-General (ret.)

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